Baystreet Theater Sag Harbor, NY

It is always a pleasure performing with Inda Eaton. This show was at The Baystreet Theater in Sag Harbor, NY. It is a great song written by the "Lone Bellow". It took me back to my gospel church days. Looking forward to performing again with the group soon. I love playing the bass. Great times.





Bay Street Theater

I am excited to be performing with some wonderful musicians this week. We are all performing with the great Inda Eaton at Bay Street Theater this Saturday in Sag Harbor, NY. It will be an awesome time with great friends and music. 




Cd Release @ Bar Lubitsch 6-17-2015

Here is a clip entitled"Reset".  Thank you to everyone who came out to the show.  Also, thank you She She for taking all the amazing video.  You are a Rock Star!!

Bar Lubitsch cd release was a Success

We had a great turnout for the cd release of "Volume One".  Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and supported.  Also, thank you to the amazing musicians that played with me: Jennifer Knight (vocals), Jeff Garrido (guitar) and Jaydon Bean (drums).  Till the next adventure.

Cd Release on June 17th

The Talented Jennifer Knight (vocals), Jeff Garrido (guitar), and Jaydon Bean (drums) will be sharing the stage with me.  This will be the first time this new album has been performed together with a band.  These are some serious players so come out and enjoy some music. 

The show starts at 9 PM 

Thank  you,

Curt Mychael

Upcoming Cd Release @ Bar Lubitsch 6-17-2015

I will be having my official cd release for "Curt Mychael Volume One"  on June 17th at Bar Lubitsch @9:00 in West Hollywood.  This will be the first time the album has been performed as a full band.  As some of you know the album was recorded very minimal with one instrument and vocal.  Jennifer Knight (background vocals), Jeff Garrido (guitar), and Jaydon Bean (drums).

Come on out to support live music. Show starts at 9:00.





Bar Lubitsch

7702 Santa Monica Blvd

West Hollywood, CA 90046

(323) 654-1234

House of Blues Main Stage Wednesday February 25th @ 9:30

We are performing at the House of Blues Main Stage on Wednesday February 25th @ 9:30 PM. Come on out to support before the venue is gone!! The House of Blues is being demolished in July so this is your opportunity to come on out and experience this world famous venue before it is gone forever. We will be able to say we rocked the House of Blues on Sunset. Come on out and rock with us.                                           To purchase tickets go to    STORE

Volume One Released

Hello Everyone,

I just released my third album entitled "Curt Mychal Volume One." This album was recorded to a 2 track reel to reel machine the old way. Everything was done in real time. What you hear is how it went down. I wanted to put out an album that was minimal and heartfelt . In this age of technology it felt nice to keep the takes that I liked and leave it at that. If I didn't like what I recorded I rewound the tape and started over from the beginning. We as human beings are able to perform and do things like this. The more the music is filtered through a computer the more it begins to resemble a machine rather than a human being. The Beatles recorded to tape and so did The Beach Boys and countless other bands. I hope you enjoy the album.

~Curt Mychael

Nashville Show at The Black Raven Emporium

We has a great show at the Black Raven Emporium and it was a really cool venue.  It was located in the bottom of a vintage store and there were old wooden theater seats and a nice stage.  It was a cool vibe and a bit of a time warp. 

Salt Lake City,UT Concert

We had a great concert in Salt Lake City, UT. This was our first show of the tour. A lot of people came out to the show and the house concert was a success.  Thank you to everyone who attended.  It was the first time we performed some of the songs with bass and vocals.


2014 Winter Tour

Jennifer Knight and I are getting ready to hit the road to promote our new albums.  We will be leaving from L.A and continuing onto the midwest.  We are excited to share the music with you.